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Bhutan is well known for its pristine environment, beautiful mountain valleys and un-spoilt countryside is definitely a trekker’s paradise. There are about 12 recognized Trekking Routes in Bhutan that are clean and pristine with breathtaking natural scenarios.

The trekking trails in higher altitudes are most challenging and are open only during certain seasons, where as the low altitude trails are comparatively easier traversing through ever-green forests making a scenic path to follow. These treks pass through villages, farms and religious temples providing occasional opportunity to witness the rich culture and traditional life of rural folks.

Treks vary from short three-day walks across relatively low altitudes to the three-week Snowman Trek that covers 356 kilometers and climbs three of the highest passes in the Kingdom.

All meals are carefully planned. Breakfast is always cooked and dinner includes a choice of at least four dishes. In many of the remote parts of the country, villages are scarce and few people cross paths and as a result DAJ Expeditions takes every precaution to ensure the safety and comfort of the trekkers.


The following are the most preferred trekking routes. Besides the listed packages, we can design other treks depending on an individual or groups’ need to suit their conveniences to make the treks most memorable. Our guides are friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. You should be equipped with Cameras to take shots of breathtaking sceneries and indigenous people along the trails. Please contact us for more details.



Name of the Trek  



Bumthang Cultural Trek

  3 Days


Dagala Thousand Lakes Trek  

  6 Days


Druk Path Trek 

  6 Days


Dhur Hot Spring Trek

  6 Days


Gangtey Trek

  8 Days


Gasa Hot Spring Trek

  5 Days


Jhomolhari Mini Trek (High Altitude) 

  8 Days


Jhomolhari Trek (High Altitude)

  9 Days


Laya Gasa Trek (High Altitude)

  14 Days


Lunana Snowman Trek (High Altitude Trek)

  22 Days


Samtengang Winter Trek



Rodung La Trek (High Altitude)

  10 Days


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